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The business knows the price of the ad and can readily decide on the amount of sales (or inquiries) created by the ad. It offers promotional values during the key selling seasons. Otherwise, companies might be faced with large inventories of products and then be made to sell the merchandise at reduced prices. Another company would need to be set up to advertise the salad dressings.

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The business is a multi-channel distributor of products, selling merchandise through physical stores, websites and catalogues. It offers them a wide variety of appealing home and garden decor, kitchen and lighting products. It sells to a wide target audience. It is one of the few home-based businesses to offer its members a wide variety of merchandise, drop-ship fulfillment, and live one-on-one business coaching. It’s not always feasible for a company, small or large, to make the most of all potential channels that match the advertising strategy it wants to reach.

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Nor does this make customers feel as though they’re receiving superior customer support. In the event the customer isn’t interested in hearing about add-on merchandise or higher-priced possibilities, that’s fine, but sales associates should not opt not to demonstrate an item simply because the customer did not bring this up first. It makes it less difficult for the client to shop the shop.